Our houses are safe against bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19

Exclusivity of spaces  

Each of our houses is rented entirely and exclusively and there are not any space shared with other clients.


Hygiene and disinfection protocol

For the hygiene and disinfection of each house of any virus and / or bacteria (including Covid-19), we strictly follow the following protocol that guarantees the healthiness of the spaces and the safety of both our clients and our team:

  • Ventilation of the interior spaces after the clients’ check-out.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all the interior and exterior surfaces with sodium hypochlorite.
  • The surfaces and environment are sprayed with Oxicuat (active oxygen).
  • All the textile material is first quality Egyptian cotton that can be washed at high temperatures (60ºC) - sheets, towels, etc.
  • The water sanitation process for each pool is carried out following the protocol required for the different types of pools we have (saline electrolysis or sodium hypochlorite).
  • Each house has a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.